The California GOLD RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!

By Zaim

I LOVE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Don't you think gold is awesome.

Welcome to learning the California Gold Rush!!!!

What is the California Gold Rush?

The California Gold Rush is a gold rush that happend in California.

It started by a man named James Marshall.

James Marshall was building a sawmill and he saw something shiny in the water. He picked a the shiny thing up and found gold. He wanted to keep it a secret but news spreaded quickly.

People got gold fever and went to California to find gold.

Most people got to California in 1849 and that is why they were called 49ers.

Many children and women could not go.

Because of this reason men promised to go and come home rich,

The mining lasted for about 20 years.

All the easy gold was gone in 1853 but the hard gold was gone in the 1870's.

Few people were rich.


Ms. Lambes, Brainpop and Social Studies Textbook