Jordan Abuid

Date Of Birth

17 of January 2004


Mum: Cheryl Pike

Dad: Steve Abuid

Siblings: Kaden Abuid

Most Amazing Achievement

Jordan Abuid climbed to the peak of Mt. Warning.
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Education and Schooling

Jubilee Primary School- Pacific Pines- Gold Coast- Queensland.

Years Prep- Six 2009- 2015.

Home and Parents

Pacific Pines- Gold Coast- Queensland- Australia.

Father comes from Melbourne- Victoria.

Mother comes from Queensland.

Most interesting story

Jordan Abuid went on a Mt. Warning camp with The Gold Coast Squadron. Two friends from school Daniel Blown and Lachlan Fearn were in the squadron too and also went on the camp. It was a massive walk and it felt like it would never end. When they were halfway 8 year old Noah, Officer Ansons son was falling behind so he called out " Wait up bros, I think my legs boken!" and everyone laughed. The view from the top was amazing and worth the walk. The air was so thin it was hard to catch your breath. On the walk back down they saw two Red Belly Blacks on the side of the track. At the bottom carpark there was a massive carpet python sunbaking on the road.
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