Bud Not Buddy

by Arlin carranza

bud not buddy

bud is a boy that dont  have family  and bud said mama to the lady  that  take care  of the kids. then he said  im going to  be with three  grils  arounded then one day he started to tell that when i was six years  old  my mother diad  and  my dad he is not diad he went to chikago to gite mony  then hes going to come for me he is working on plaing music with drums  or flots. im going to go one day  to find him or hes going to find me.

the amoses

bud was saying to their fronds that my papa is in Chicago and i going to find him he said an d he was with the amuses and then he asap from the house of the amoses and he went to find to work and he found one it was to sale the news paper and he was the one who made the paper. then bud fill at sleep and in one minute he wake up and said did i kill a bainpaller and he said to his self ma-by i was dreaming and then said im super hungry.  and that was his face  family.

bud and his grampa

when bud went to find dad he  he went to california  to find a work  and  he was seeiing a man that looks olot at him  and he was falling him and bud said that  i think that is my dad because he looks  like  me and he looks like in the prcher  he said  hay man esciusme what is your name hr said way or only  and the  man said  weres your family he said  i domt konw my mama diad when i was six years old  and my dad said bud day told me that he was in chicago playing drums and music  and the man said that he wasd in chicago too he said  and i play music too  and he said your name is bud the man said he said yes way because you look like him  and he was his dad

my story of bud not buddy

i like this story because its saying about a boy that didint have family in his  and because  he had a good family   and  life and im also happy because the story had a good ending and  that a kid tbhat was 10 cuoldint have shois to go and  to a stat.