Blue Devil Tech News

Spring 2015

Carey EVS Website Modernized

Mr. Ruhe has done a FANTASTIC job at updating the district's website. It is now mobile device friendly and fully responsive. Please take some time to navigate the new layout and become familiar with many of the new features.

Tech-Integration Teacher PD Survey

Over the course of the next few months and summer we will be developing On-Demand Tech-Integration Professional Development Topics geared towards your needs, while simultaneously earning contact hours.


Please fill out the survey to provide us on what technology Topics you would like covered for your classroom!

Carey Schools On Demand Contact Hours For Tech-Integration PD

Blue Devil Tech Teacher PD

Join the Google Classroom BlueDevilTech PD

Start Earning Contact Hours Today!


In the top right corner click the + symbol and select join a class.

Enter the Enrollment Key v6cys1

Start Learning about Tech-Integration Topics while earning free contact hours!

1:1 Chromebook Initiative

We are about 270 Chromebooks away from every student in grades 4-12 having their own district provided Chromebook. This number will also allow us to have two carts at the disposal of grades K-3 as well. We are looking towards the future and are hopeful to have enough devices as early as next fall to make Chromebooks for each student a reality. The current plan is to provide a Chromebook to all students in grades 7-12 to take home nightly to complete homework electronically, and grades 4-6 to remain in the building. We are currently developing policy, budgeting funding cycles, determining insurance and tech fees, and developing professional development to make this initiative happen. It's an exciting time for technology at Carey EVS!

Chrome Apps and Extensions

Learn more about Google Chrome Web Apps and Extensions, and contribute to the ever growing list of Apps and Extensions that are currently being used at Carey Schools!

Click Here to view the presentation and the list of helpful Chrome Web Apps and Extensions!

Carey Schools - Teachers Learning Community

Mr. Damschroder has created a Google Learning Community for all teachers at Carey Schools to join in Google+ to stimulate conversation on transforming practice with technology. Please join the group today and start to learn and contribute on what is successfully being implemented throughout the district.

Join the Google Group by Clicking Here

Carey EVS Tech Integration Tools, Topics and The Teachers Who Use Them

We have created an editable Google Doc for all Teachers in the district to use as a point of reference to who is using what tech-integration tools, so you can bounce ideas off of one another. Please View and contribute to this document.

It will also be posted under the Professional Development Page on the District Website.

Technology Page Added to Website

Underneath the district link on the website you will find a new page called Technology. This is your direct link to all of the Professional Development Links, Tech Tuesday Resources, Blue Devil Tech Newsletters and where all technology related documents will be housed in the upcoming months and into the future. Please be aware of the page, and visit it from time to time to learn more about technology happenings at Carey.


Next school-year we will be moving towards a cyber-safety curriculum for all grade levels that will be incorporated into classrooms throughout the district. This is a state requirement that we must meet to remain eligible to receive eRate internet funding. Currently on the website there are numerous resources that are available to students, staff, and parents through under the for parents-cyber safety link. If you would like to look at some of the possible curriculum that may be used next school year to meet this new requirement, broken down by grade level it is available here.

Thank you to All Staff!!

Thank you so much for working through the stresses of the new state tests this year. PARCC and AIR/TIDE have been stressful to say the least, but we have been prepared going into the tests, and we were successful in administering them to our students. You all made that happen, and I want to thank you so much for making such a stressful situation go so smoothly. You are all truly great at what you do!

Technology Coordinator - Nick Rider

If you have any questions or concerns regarding technology or technology integration at Carey EVS please direct your questions to the Technology Coordinator, Nick Rider. Thank you and have a great day!