Marquisha Redding

Setting: At School

Summary: You have a student who is is from a single parent family. The student must work to attend college. However, the job is interfering with the student's performance and several assignments have not been turned in. You have determined that a "D" is all the student can make when a counselor informs you that the student need a "C" to qualify for an academic scholarship.

Decision Making Process

What is the ethical dilemma? to show that the student only need a "C" to qualify for the academic scholarship.

What are the facts of the situation? one fact is that the student want to know why they have a D in the class & second fact is that the student want to get a C so he/she can qualify for the academic scholarship

What are the alternatives and the consequences? the student should have done all the work as told when the teacher gave them the work the first time to get a c in the class & student should of ask the teacher for more time

Determine a course of action (What decision you would make)? the decision i would make is the do my work the first time without having to do it again so i can a c in the class instead of a D.

Evaluate your decision (Why do you think that is the best decision to make)? because getting a D in the class is like making a F and that means you isn't passing the class.