Literary Strategy #41

What is it?

A visual activity that gets students to think more deeply about characters, themes, and other elements within a story. It gets students to move away from literal comprehension.

Students work in small groups to draw diagrams and pictures to symbolize what the story means to them. These pictures represent the students feelings and interpretations toward the story.

After creating their pictures, students share with other students to extend their understanding and to get new insight on the story. Through this strategy, students learn that there is no single correct interpretation.

How To Use The Strategy

1. Read & Respond to a story.

2. Discuss the themes

3. Draw the sketches.

4. Share the sketches within small group.

5. Share some sketches in front of the entire class.

6. Revise sketches and make final copies.

Implementing In The Classroom

Use this strategy whenever students are reading and discussing for deeper meaning in a story!