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Free style skiing

John Teller was the first American to win a ski cross world cup.He was raised near mammoth mountain . He spent most of his time as a kid on the mountain with his friends learning how to ski. He is sponsored by red bull, Mammoth Mountain, POC, Hestra , Atomic , and Peak 38

Going for gold!

This is John Teller taking gold at the x games 15 at buttermilk mountain on Jan 30, 2011.
Athlete Spotlight: John Teller
A Day In The Life of Skier John Teller
This explains why John Teller skis

History of Skis

This explain how skis have have change. This show what they looked like 8000 B.C all the way up to modern times. A lot of the older stuff is in the same style of the new stuff just way longer.

The Gear of Skiing

This explain the many thing the skier use. The average length of a male ski is 185 cm.The Average of a female ski is 175cm. the ski poles main use is for balance,turning, and accelerating.The ski boot are made to take the force of a landing after a big jump. The hamlets are made out of hard Plastic to protect the hard from Injuries in aerials and moguls.

John Teller (USA)

Teller is one of the Free style skiers who are not favor to win a Gold medal,But his background story is a good one.He works full time at his family auto shop.He also coach the junior ski team in his home town.
John Teller top American in Ski Cross at Sochi - Universal Sports
This video is one of his events at the Olympics. He first fourth but he was the top American to Finish in that event.
Teller Seals Final Olympic Qualifier - U.S. Freeskiing
John Teller Ski Cross Profile H264