Leif Erikson

By Jeffrey C

Lief Erikson's Child Hood

Leif Erikson was born in 970. He was the second of 3 brothers. He was born in Iceland but grew up in Greenland, The place that his dad (Eric The Red) discovered. Lief's first voyage was eastern toward Norway to give gifts to king Olaf.


Lief Erikson's first voyage was eastern toward Norway to give gifts to king Olaf. He later discovered what is today Canada in 1001 and, him and his crew were the first people to ever set foot in North America (Canada is in North America if you didn't know). He also discovered Newfoundland. Also, on his way back from his voyage to Norway Lief and his crew saved 15 people from a shipwreck, as a thank you the survivers gave Lief there cargo. The cargo plus the logs from his voyage to Norway made him rich. Sadly, Eric The Red died shortly after Leif returned from Norway.

Leif Erikson Day

As you know, Leif Erikson discovered Canada In 1001. For this discovery, Leif Erikson got his very own holiday. It's called Leif Erikson day. Leif Erikson day is on October 9th. His dad also discovered what is today Greenland. Imagine what could have changed if Leif and Eric The Red discovered that land later? What would have Changed?

Random Facts About Leif Erikson

People called him "Leif Erikson The Lucky". He had 35 members on his crew. He was very honest. He sailed from Greenland, to Norway, to Iceland all in one trip (I couldn't go a full day on a boat without getting sea sick). Leif's dad was also a famous explorer. He discovered Greenland.

Changes in exploration over the years

Back in 970 when my explorer was born, they had to use compasses instead of GPS’s like we use today. They also sailed on sail boats and didn’t have moters to help move the boat. They used paddles made out of wood. Lastly, back in 970 most of the land we have today was not yet discovered. For instance, Florida was discovered in 1513 by Ponce De Leon.

Leif Eriksson - The First European in North America