Welcoming all

Incoming Citizens

What is a good citizen?

Being a citizen can mean many things. some of the rights include; the right to freedom of speech, right to bear arms, right to remain silent, right to vote, right to the pursuit of happiness. All inside the constitution with more rights to the individual. A good citizen consists of a few things, as in completing civic duties and following through with responsibilities to your outmost effort. With the topic of voting, as it is not mandatory you have the right to vote or not. Voting is in place for our citizens to know they have a voice or reason with explanation.

Voting, Politics, and Education

To vote you must be a U.S citizen that is above 18 years old, after registering to vote at the local courthouse or town hall. If you are on the far left of the political spectrum than you prefer a society with more government involvement and think the rich should be taxed more than the poor, known as democratic. On the far right side is republican, with a lot less government intervention and equal taxes for everybody. Conservatives believe that society should be a place run by the citizens for the citizens, everyone works for what they need to live comfortably.

Education is always and will always be one of the top priorities for our nation. Our future depends on children that are living to become bigger and better things, and without education in place we would be headed to a catastrophic change in the way we live every day.

Voting age and registy graph

To vote you must have valid identification and be a citizen. Wide ranges of people who register don't even vote, even with the large population people still decide o keep their voice to themselves. The younger generation is the least likely to vote. while most common is ages 35 to 44


Republican views on healthcare are simple, they feel that a competitive edge will improve quality.

Democratic ideas are a little different, they believe everybody should have healthcare with pre-existing medical conditions. With this every citizen is guaranteed health insurance.

Libertarians want the individual to create a tax free medical savings account. So now they can have their own money in the account with no taxes included.

Political Spectrum

Republican- Far right, which means that they feel like less government intervention and privatized business.

Libertarian- At the most right, believe government interference is unnecessary.

Democrat- Far left, the wants and needs are government intervention and corporate bailouts.