VCR Lesson 8 Presentation

Janhvi Kulkarni

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from the lesson.

At the carnival, the dubious lady in meretricious apparel ______________ she could read a person's palms and tell them their future.
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transitive verb

To claim; to profess (without giving proof); to appear to be


n. purport - meaning or substance of something (document or speech); the purpose of a person or thing

The purport of the thirteenth amendment was to abolish slavery.

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Purport in late Middle English meant "to express" or "to signify."

In 18th century, it changed to mean "to appear to be."

Porto - to carry

To carry the appearance of being a certain way --> to appear to be

Zootopia -Buying a Jumbo Pop-Hustle

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He purports to be an innocent customer with his child, but really he is scamming the shop owner.


(verb form) profess, allege, imply

(noun form) intent, implication, purpose


(verb form) conceal, disclaim, deny

(noun form) reality

Choose the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

A. The scientist purported his hypothesis to be correct after careful experimentation and data collection.

B. It is illegal and unethical to purport false information about food on nutrition labels.

C. She purported her work was done so her parents would allow her to go out that weekend.

D. The biggest purport of the Bill of Rights was to affirm American citizens' civil liberties so that more people would be willing to ratify the Constitution.

A is incorrect; if the scientist conducted an experiment, they had proof backing their claim.