Mr. Arthur Radley (Boo)

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Who is Boo Radley?

Boo Radley is a mysterious neighbor who piques the interest of the children, including Scout, Jem and Dill. Throughout the entire novel, he is never seen by anyone until he surprises both Scout and Jem towards the end of the story.

Who is Boo Radley to others?


At the beginning of the novel Boo Radley is seen as a crazy person whom not only do the children fear, but also the entire neighborhood and everyone who knows of his existence.

Towards the end of the novel, when Jem and Scout are attacked, Boo helps them proving to everyone that he isn't who they think he is.

Textual Evidence

"People still looked at the Radley's Place, unwilling to discard their initial suspicions." last paragraph , page 5 , chapter 1

"Every move he made was uncertain, as if he were not sure his hands and feet could not make proper contact with the things he touched." first paragraph, page 235, chapter 31

These pieces of evidence show how Scout and Jem feel about Boo at the beginning of the novel.


At the end of the novel, it can clearly be seen how Scout appreciates Boo as she says that he gave them many things including gifts and other things, but most importantly life. Also, although Jem is asleep, we can conclude that after the events that took place at the ending, Boo will know symbolize someone different to him and to the entire neighborhood.

Jem Finch

Wednesday, July 23rd 1930 at 9pm

The Radley's House

Come to see if Boo Radley is alive or a killer. Bring extra pants.