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Apply to the Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies by completing the Choices Application. We are listed as 1868308 Grant HS Humanities for Interdisciplinary Studies.

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That's So Humanitas!

Humanitas kids and teachers have a reputation at Grant High School. It can be hard to find just the right words to describe our community, but there’s no doubt that we are very proud of it.

What is it that gives the Humanitas Magnet it’s own special flavor?

  • We’re patient. Many students need to develop academic confidence. We give them the time and space to find their strengths.

  • We’re compassionate. We’re helpers. We take responsibility for the social and academic climate we create in our school.

  • We learn in different ways. Everyone does! An inclusive environment helps all students meet high expectations. All students will meet the A-G requirements for acceptance to the University of California and California State University.

  • We are college students. Our unique partnership with Los Angeles Valley College allows our students to start earning college credit in high school. Our students receive unparalleled support and guidance while they undertake their first college classes. They learn valuable time management and study skills that give them confidence to pursue a wide range of post-secondary opportunities.

  • We’re quirky. Sometimes our kids have purple hair. Sometimes our teachers do, too. We celebrate self-expression and make room for it in our classrooms.

  • We celebrate our differences. Every student brings something special to the classroom. Yes, we celebrate academic achievement. We also celebrate kindness, hard work, creativity, passion, and hidden talents.

  • We are activists. If there was a protest, a petition, or Day of Silence on campus, there were definitely Humanitas students involved. They make us proud. Our students know Love is Love, Black Lives Matter, and Families Belong Together.

  • We know kids are more than their test scores. We take a holistic approach because each kids comes with unique needs and goals.

  • We are a family. You’ll hear it again and again. It’s authentic and unique and can’t be faked. We love each other.