An Interview With Mrs. Escobar

By Diana Rivera

What You Need To Know About Mrs. Escobar

Destri Escobar teaches at Elgin High School. The class taught by Mrs. Escobar is Biology. Mrs. Escobar also is an assistant volleyball coach and assistant girl's soccer coach. She teaches 9 trough 11 grade. She has an education on Science and Psychology. The place she studied at was Texas A&M where she received a bachelor's degree of science.

Mrs. Escobar enjoys being a teacher. What made her decided to be a teacher was that she likes helping students become successful and finding out what her students really enjoy. If she could work at another job it would be as a consoler because she will have more time of building relationship between students than as the teaching aspect. As any other person she also has to make time for outside school activities. Teaching is what Mrs. Escobar loves to do and she surely recommends this job to anyone. Her opinion on this is that other people can do this job well too. Teaching for her has made a positive impact in her life by learning how to manage time but overall it has made her a better person.

Extra Information To Know About Mrs. Escobar

  • Teaches Biology.
  • Teaches 9 trough 11 grade. (Certified to teach all science grades 7-12)
  • Works 60 hours per week.
  • Has students do labs in groups for them to help each other.
  • Students take corneal notes.
  • Biggest challenge is keeping students in gage.
  • Biggest reward is building relationship with students and helping the become successful.

About Me

I am a student at Elgin High School. I am in 9th grade. Mrs. Escobar is my biology teacher.