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October 2015 Edition

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Mini-STEMersion Opportunity - November 3rd

November 3rd is a capped Planning/Staff Development Day and we are planning a mini-STEMersion opportunity for teachers in the afternoon. We know how important it is to be able to bring real world material into the classroom so we are partnering with a STEM industry, Legrand, to offer an experience to learn more about their company and how they utilize STEM everyday. If you are interested in this opportunity please fill out this form. We can only accept 20 teachers. If we receive more than 20 names we will have a lottery.

Partnership Database

Are you looking for ways to bring more real world experience into the classroom? Look no further! We have created a STEM Partnership Database and we have numerous participants that are willing and searching for ways to partner with out schools. Please let your STEM Coach know what type of industry/field you need help with and they will research what we have available. Currently we have a pharmacist, economics professor, aviation drone company owner, etc...

Great Resource for Teachers

A site that lets you explore and share. You can find everything from how to make robots, games, and dinner!

STEM - Up the Classroom

Are you interested in Drones? If so, check out Odyssey.

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Upcoming Events


  • 7th - Youth Science Day
  • 10th CWES Fall Festival
  • 15th PES Red Hawk Run


  • Mini STEMersion Day - Legrand


  • 3rd ALL - Celebrate STEM Night at CCHS


  • 15th Innovative Teaching Showcase ***Tentative***


  • 27 - July 1 NASA STEM Summer Camp


  • 11-15 STEMersion

Contact Information

Please contact Bridget Jones with any comments or questions.