The Russian Katyn Forest MAssacre

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The soviet Union and Poland

IN 1940 The Soviet Union had captured the eastern half of Poland while the Germans had control over the western. As a result thousands of Polish Soldiers fell into Soviet hands. The Soviet had held them in prison camps near Smolensk Russia.

The Polish Army

After the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, the Polish and Soviet government decided to create a Polish army on Soviet soil. The Polish general Wladyslaw Anders began organizing this army. After asking for 15000 prisoners of war, the Russians claimed that they escaped to Manchuria in 1941, and could not be found.
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The Truth Reveals

On April 13, 1943 the Germans found mass graves of 4,443 Polish officers in Katyn forest near Smolensk Russia. The soldiers had been shot from behind, piled in stacks, and buried. The Germans claimed that the Russian Secret Police had done the murdering but since the Russians were a valued ally to the Americans no one believed the Germans. Until the 1980's, information was released that Stalin had ordered the Secret Police to do the task.

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