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February 16, 2020- Issue 22

Mrs. Booth's Class

During Morning Meeting, each student chose one person in class to make a homemade card for around friendship.
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Mrs. Sylvia's Class

Students have been learning about forces. This week, they learned about friction by racing different sliders. They also discovered many fun ways to use magnets!

Ms. Mourad's Class

Over the past couple of weeks, students have been learning about influential African Americans and their impact on our country. They have been working on collaborating, being inclusive, and being helpers. They recently collaborated to create a poster of the individuals they were learning about.
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February Vacation Sports

Ryan Gordy, Wellness Coordinator, and Danny Erickson, Athletic Director, are running soccer/basketball clinics over February Vacation as a fundraiser for our programs. It is for kids in grades 4-6. See flyer below for more information.

CHS Clinic

Mad about Math

I'm Kerri Falzone, the math specialist, and I am excited for the opportunity to offer updates on ALL the great MATH that is happening here at the Kennedy! Check out this section for sneak peeks into what’s happening in your student’s classroom.

This week we will take a peek into what’s happening in the 5th grade…

Mr. Houle and Ms. Donaghey’s students have been spending some fun time exploring volume of solids. They have been practicing finding the volume of rectangular prisms and cubes and extending that knowledge into finding the volume of irregular three-dimensional solids. They have had the opportunity to build these 3-D shapes and then take them apart in order to help them calculate the different volumes!

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Literacy Circle

This week we will focus on Kindergarten and Grade 1

Did you know Phonemic Awareness is one of the most important early literacy skills? It is something children develop before they learn how to read. Research now tells us that students who struggle with decoding or reading words often struggle in the area of Phonemic Awareness.

Phonemic Awareness is a child's ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds. It is often said "it can be done in the dark". All the nursery rhymes, songs, and silly games we remember from our own childhoods are often the things that helped us develop our own phonemic awareness. If you are interested in ways to build this skill at home, you can check out the link below:

Parking Issues

It has come to my attention that we continue to have issues in the parking lot at arrival and pick up. Please see below for proper procedures:

Arrival: If coming down Dedham Street, cars should take the second left into the parking lot, pull straight in and form a line of cars proceeding to the drop off point. The drop off point is where staff are located. Cars should pull up as far as they can and let their children out on the side facing the staff. For the safety of everyone, there SHOULD NOT be any cars leaving the line and driving around cars. We have many students who are walking and also students who are exiting vans to walk into the school.

Dismissal: Cars should park in the DESIGNATED spots and walk to the fence to pick up their child. For the safety of everyone, please DO NOT drive up to the yellow lines and park. We are in the process of getting additional lines painted for parking spaces.

Also, Handicap Parking is reserved for those with designated stickers or plates.

Thank you in advance for your support in keeping everyone safe.

Notes from the Nurse

As we move through the winter with thoughts of spring and warmer weather, we are reminded that there are a significant amount of coughs, colds and other illnesses going around. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind families and students of the Canton Public Schools Health Guidelines. This provides information about when you should keep your student home, and when it is ok to send them to school. Please take a moment to review this information and feel free to contact the school nurse with questions. If you have any concerns or questions about your child's health, reach out to your child's physician as needed.

Next Year's School Hours

Please be aware that next year JFK school hours change.

Start time: 8:40

Dismissal: 2:55

Early Dismissal: 11:50

Kidsborough's hours will be:

AM: 7:00-8:15

PM: 2:55-6:00

Girls on the Run

Please click on the attachment below to find out more information about this program.

You can use this link to sign up:

Upcoming Events

February 17-21 Winter Break

February 24 School is back in session

February 25 Grade 4 and 5 Parent Puberty Meeting 6pm @ the Luce

February 26 Pawsome Breakfast

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