Surviving Hurricanes

Hurricane Sandy/Hurricane Katrina

Differences between the three articles

The three articles are very different and similar. For instance they are all similar because all of them involved kids that witnessed a hurricane. All of these kids help out with either family or neighbors. They are different because all of the kids were in different age groups. The kids also help in different ways, for instance Matt helped by saving lives, Ariel helped by giving back, and Deomonte helped by looking after his young siblings and neighbors. Also these articles took place in different hurricanes. Even though all of these articles are different they all involved young heroes.

5 Crazy Facts

1. Hurricane Sandy started in the southern Caribbean Sea 2. Hurricane Katrina was the most devastating hurricane to hit the U.S. 3. Hurricane Sandy killed 285 people 4. Sandy is a category 1 hurricane. 5. 705 people are still reported missing due to Hurricane Katrina.