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Monthly Newsletter for January 2016

Happy New Year from Paloma Creek Elementary Library!

Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Lessons for Kindergarten-2nd Grades

Denton ISD is working towards becoming a Common Sense Media district. This means that every student will receive digital citizenship lessons that teach them how to make safe, smart, and ethical choices in the digital world. Librarians, teachers, counselors, and technology specialists at each school are working together to become Common Sense Media district within the next three years.

To date, the librarian has given the first two lessons on digital citizenship to kindergarten, first, and second grades. Third, fourth, and fifth grades will be phased in by next school year. Our first lesson was on Going Places Safely and was given to students back in November. In January, students will have a lesson on Smart Searching. Each lesson has a parent component, which includes informational flyers with information for you about helping your child at home.

Links to the parent flyers have been posted on our website at You can find more information about Common Sense Media at

Spring Book Fair is Coming in April

We are planning our Spring Book Fair for April 1-8, 2016. Look for more information about how you can support our next book fair as we get closer to April.

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Donations Needed for Library Makerspace!

We are accepting donations for our Library Makerspace. We appreciate ANY items that you are willing to donate, including gently used items and old/inoperable electronics and small appliances! Donated items can be dropped off in the library.

The spaces we currently have in our Makerspace include: a sewing, knitting, and crocheting space, a take apart station for electronics, etc., a LEGO station, paper crafts like oragami , 3D puzzles and games space, and building and inventing space. In the future, we hope to add robotics and coding spaces.

We will accept anything for our Makerspace, since this is a creative space that will reuse and recycle most things for our projects, Our biggest needs now are LEGOs, sturdy work gloves, small tools, thread, fabrics, and electronics for our Take Apart Station.

Thank you for whatever support you can provide!

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Librarian Assistant: Mrs. Tracy Brown

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