Poverty in Polk County

Dustin Sterling

Background Information about poverty

1.Child Poverty/ The Vicious Cycle

Poverty can travel through generations.

" Many children fail to see how hard work can improve their lives as they see their parents struggle with everyday tasks." (Shelton, 2013)

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2.Help Not Helping?

Even though there are programs such as WIC, welfare, and food stamps, people are still not always getting the assistance they need.

"Food stamps provide an income at a third of the poverty line, close to $6,300 for a family of three." (Edelman, 2012)

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3.The Poverty Rate

The U.S.A.'s poverty rate- 10-20%

Missouri's poverty rate- 15.5%

Polk County's poverty rate- 23.6%- 16th highest in Missouri

4.Causes of Poverty/What Can Come With Poverty

Causes: The most common causes of poverty include thirst, hunger, illness, and shelter.

Side Effects: Poor housing, food born and water born diseases, and unsafe working or living environments.

How We can help

5.Food Drives

Food drives provide free food to those in poverty
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6.Clothing Donations

Clothing such as coats and socks are very important, and donating them to those in poverty

7.Help Out

If you yourself cannot bring in food or clothing for the poor, help the businesses and people who can

8.Get others in the community involved

One person can help a lot, but others in the community helping and donating will really help the cause.

"Rather than working with individual persons, it is more effective to facilitate collective and organized actions to help strengthen and empower people in poverty through an organization." (Labayen, 2016)

9.Not only in Fairplay

Helping our community is awesome, and helping others is even better

In conclusion

Poverty can only be helped if you choose to.


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