By Wade Landrum

Not this kind of crocodile!

(Fig 1) Crocodile (Animalstime)

What is Krokodil?

Krokodil, otherwise known as desomorphine, is a mix of codeine tablets with several toxic materials that can be used as a cheap substitute for heroin.

How is Krokodil administered?

Users inject Krokodil into their blood stream.

What are the effects of taking Krokodil?

  • Causes injection site to go gangrenous
  • Amputation may be required after several injections
  • Causes blisters and necrotic ulcers at injection site
  • Skin turns black and forms lesions
  • Body parts may "auto-amputate"
  • Life expectancy shortened to one to two years
  • If vein is missed, abscess forms.
  • Causes flesh to rot off bone
  • If someone gets off of it, they can face side effects such as speech impediments, a vacant gaze, and a erratic movements.
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(Fig. 1) Basic Krokodil info (DetoxtoRehab)

How long do effects last?

The effects of Krokodil usually last about 90 minutes to 2 hours, and are much more intense than heroin.

What is the withdrawal of Krokodil?

Withdrawal of Krokodil lasts an entire month, which is filled with unbearable pain that requires extremely strong traquilizers.

What are laws/social concerns about Krokodil?

The media sees Krokodil as "horrifying" and "flesh-eating". Movements have also been started in Russia to make codeine tablets (A crucial ingredient in Krokodil production) prescription required.

What support systems exist for addicts?

Krokodil is treated in standard addiction treatment facilities.