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Steph's Charmed Ones

Happy Spring Everyone!

I hope this newsletter finds you doing well! I don't know about you, but I am so excited for all the new and exciting things happening with Origami Owl!! The Something for Everyone Incentive is A-MAZING. There really is a program for every Designer. It gives you the opportunity to work your business and make MORE money on top of the money you will be making with your's Crazy! If you have yet to check out the programs, please do yourself a favor and read up! You could be missing out on some HUGE CA$H BONUSES! I also did a training call on the programs to break it down for you and help you better understand just how much $$ you could be making this summer. Feel free to listen in any time you have a minute, the call is only a half hour long and it could get you some $$$!

Dial In# (712) 432-1219
Meeting ID# 167 339 392
Ref# 13

Be sure to check your back office for all the Terms and Conditions for each program!

Business Builder Kits are available!

Here are 4 different Designer Kits available to us AND...the best part, they come with PV! Each kit has their own PV! Whoop Whoop!!! The Basic & Platinum Booster Kit are available until the end of July while the Gift-N-Go & Tyson's Favorite Limited Edition are available until the end of May. ALL kits are only while supplies last ;) Again, check your back office for more information!


Time to get back to giving some high fives and hootie hoots!!! So happy to be able to see everyone's PV again!! You ladies are awesome!!!!


I would like to take a minute and honor the top 3 averages for the entire First Quarter! Consistency is so important in our business and these 3 Designers are leading the way, always putting up big numbers every single month. It's great when we have a good month in PV but it's absolutely amazing when we do that every single month and that's exactly what they do! Kudos to you ladies on having a successful business!