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Slamball is a sport that entails many different sports into one. The sport is most similar to basketball, and the quick, athletic style of play, but it also has parts of hockey (checking players with the ball) and instances of gymnastics (with the large trampolines to jump off of).

History of SlamBall

  • Founded in 2002 by Mason Gordon
  • Involves 4 spring trampolines at each end of a basketball court (inside the 3-point arc of a normal basketball court).
  • The UFC was very important in the creation of SlamBall. The UFC is a combination of different fighting styles, which inspired Mason Gordon to create a sport that combined a variety of sports into one, thus creating SlamBall.
  • Mason Gordon contacted a TV producer and when they saw what SlamBall could become, it immediately got a cable deal, which eventually ended up on Spike TV.
  • SlamBall gained much TV coverage over the first couple seasons beginning in 2002, but since then has drifted off of the national stage.


  • Most basketball rules apply.
  • Dunks are worth 3
  • Hockey substitution style.
  • 4 players on the court for each team at one time.
  • Checking is allowed (but can not check before opposition has dribbled the ball, can not check in the back, can not check while entering a trampoline).
  • Instead of free throws, if fouled, you go to a faceoff, where the player that got fouled attempts to dunk on the player that fouled him.

Economic Impact

SlamBall has made a lot of money from multiple things. Knowing that SlamBall was on live television for more than two years, and on a channel as well-known as Spike TV, with millions of viewers, SlamBall was a very lucrative sport. The sport jumped onto the scene out of nowhere, and the first game was televised. Researchers say that with the proper adjustments to the sport, it could become increasingly popular over the upcoming years.

Cultural/Social Impact

SlamBall has given the sports world another sport to root for, and enjoy watching. It proves that the public wants to watch different sports. Change is a good thing. Any sport that brings in a multitude of fans has a large impact on society. The first SlamBall game had 2.3 million viewers tune in to see the new sport. But since then, has dramatically dropped in viewers and been taken off television after just two seasons (2002, 2003).

political impact

Involving many different sports into one can change the thought process of how anything is done. Instead of incorporating just one idea into a problem, you can take the best of each idea, in order to make the greatest idea. This solution can work in any situation, and it is a large reason why SlamBall became a sport that is recognized.
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