PAWS Newsletter (PBIS Newsletter)

January/ February 2016

January Discipline Data

There were approximately 122 discipline referrals which represent the following:

  • Insubordination- 22
  • Tardies- 19
  • Skipping/ Truancy 13
  • Disruptive classroom behavior - 16
  • Disrespect/ Walk Away-7

Overall, this represents another decrease in office discipline referrals with a spike in referrals for insubordination.

Strategies for dealing with insubordination:

1. Pre-teach the procedures: The purpose of this step is to make sure that the student understands the procedures. Carefully rehearse and explain the procedures to the class or individual students.

2. Present choices in a non-confrontational manner by:

(a)Present the expected behavior and a negative consequence as a decision (place responsibility on the student).

(b)Allow a few seconds for the student to decide (to allow the student to calm down, process the choices and to save face).

(c) Withdraw from the student and attend to other students. This also helps the student to save face, leaves them with the decision and helps the teacher to disengage and manage the rest of the class.

3. Follow through: If the student chooses the expected behavior, briefly acknowledge the choice and continue with the class activity. If the student does not choose the expected behavior follow through with the negative consequence.

Extra Mile Nominations/ Award Winners December & January

Mid Year Discipline Report

The PBIS team will has been working to analyze our BOQs and provide strategies to support classroom interventions. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of office referrals and out of school suspensions. We must be conscious and be proactive in dealing with misbehavior.s

As of February 5, 2016 we've had:

  • 1532 office referrals
  • 329 suspensions

Remember the continuum of responses before minor classroom behaviors become major classroom behaviors and referrals to administration:

1. Warning/ Redirection

2. Parent notification w/ documentation under behavior in RtI

3. Teacher Detention

4. Office referral

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The PBIS PAWS Snack Shack is open every week (Wednesdays). Students are able to use their PAWS to buy snacks after school. Please remember to hand out PAWS with behavior specific praise.