My future prom

The prom is wonderful day for me, because I will finish important part of my life, I will finish school.. And this day should be special for me!!

On this day I need:

1. Place:

It should be a large room as a gym. This room should have romantic colors, on the walls should hang ballons.

Big image

2. Music:

Music should be different and it will be better, if some kind of a good groups or artists play.

3. King and queen:

I would like king and queen of the ball will be chosen.

4. Dress:

I would like to have the most beautiful long dress, romantic make up and hairstyle.

5. Pair:

On this day every graduate should have a pair.

6. Limousine:

And I with my friends will arrive in the limousine.

7. Crazy party

And of course, I would like to have crazy party till the morning!!))