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Sills Day 3

Finished your Day 3 Skills assignment? Here are "SMORE" educational and fun activities for Falcons to spend some time on this snowy Skills Day.

For specific questions about the SKILLS packets, contact your child's teacher.

If there is anything I can help you with, please contact me using the information below!

What are you reading? TWEET photos of your favorite Falcon reading a good book to @falconfabulous!

Did you know?

  • Children who read frequently develop stronger reading skills.
  • According to the National Education Association, having kids read a lot is one of the crucial components of becoming a good reader.
  • Young readers need to become practiced at recognizing letters and sounds. The only way to get good at it is to practice.
  • The U.S. Department of Education found that, generally, the more students read for fun on their own time, the higher their reading scores.


Got Legos? Lots of Lego building ideas listed here!

Here is a virtual Lego Builder Online

In case you missed it, our last SMORE had several ideas for Duct Tape crafts.

I love the imagination and ingenuity Caine used to create his arcade! Watch this inspiring video that encompasses the spirit of a Makerspace and then follow the link below to create your own cardboard creations! I would love to see photos any Makerspace @Home activities you do on your Skills Day! My email is linked below.

Caine's Arcade

Tree of Hearts Collage

Here's a fun and easy art project for Valentine's weekend! Create a tree of hearts! Gather some old magazines, trace your hand and a bit of your arm onto a a green or brown image. Cut out hearts in various shades of pink and red...or whatever color your "heart" desires! Glue them to a sheet of blank paper!
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