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September 1st

Burleson High School

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Student Dismissal by Phone Call

To dismiss a student through a phone call, house secretaries must have a minimum of a two hour notice. If you do not allow a two hour notice to the house offices, a parent or guardian will have to come to the front office to sign the student out. More information can be found on the BISD Student Handbook.

House Principal Student and Classroom Support

BHS strives to build strong, positive relationships will all students and support our teachers and staff on campus. To better serve our students and staff, we have adjusted who and how our House Principals support others on our campus. House Principals now serve individual teachers by department, breakdown can be found below, in addition to serving the students within the House Office alpha.

Kappa House, serving last names A-G: Social Studies, Athletics, PE, and Foreign Language

Sigma House, serving last names H-Pa: English and CTE

Omega House, serving last names Pb-Z: Math, Science, Fine Arts, and CTE

Carter Blood Drive on September 3rd

If you signed up to donate, please remember to bring a Photo ID for the Carter Blood Drive on Tuesday, Sep 3. A hall pass will be delivered to the students class during the time they signed up to donate. Sixteen year olds need to remember to bring their signed permission form. All donations are in the Carter Blood Care Buses in front of the Auditorium.

New Tardy System Began on Monday, 8/26

Student Conductor

Our new tardy system will be up and running for the morning of Monday, August 26th. If a student is late to their class, they will need to go to a tardy station and print a tardy pass. What is the benefit of this? Our goal is to provide open communication between BHS and our parents. If a student is tardy to a class, parents will instantly receive an email stating that they were tardy to make them aware.

Procedure for getting a tardy pass:

  • Go to one of the 5 tardy stations throughout campus,

  1. Just outside of the main office in the common area.
  2. On the Science Hall side of the Collaborative Learning Center.
  3. Kappa Office.
  4. Sigma Office.
  5. Omega Office.
  • Student will enter their Student ID (lunch code)
  • Tardy pass will be printed immediately
  • Student will show their pass to the teacher when they enter the room.

If a student is tardy to 7 or more times within a six weeks period, consequences will be assigned to the student and the assigned consequence will be printed on the tardy pass and will be emailed to a parent as well. More information on the BHS Tardy Policy can be found here.

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🎓 Class of 2020 🎓

Class of 2020 Senior T-Shirt

Order online by following this link, Revtrack Online Store

Order in person at Meet the Elks and Senior Sunrise (cash only)

Senior Twitter: @bhsElkSeniors

Senior Facebook: BHS Elk Seniors

BHS Parking Stickers

To park in the student parking lot, complete the BHS School Parking Application here. Once the application is complete, you will need to bring your driver's license and proof of auto insurance to room to room 146 during periods 7th and 8th.

Sticker fee is $50, payable by cash or check, and all previous fees must be paid before your sticker can be issued.

Burleson High School Balfour Site

Need to purchase your Senior Ad or yearbook? Click the button and you will be redirected to our BHS Balfour site.

inVision, Episode 01, 19-20

College & Career Ready Elks

Go Center- You Can Get Help With:

  • Resources
  • College Applications
  • Scholarship Applications
  • College Essays
  • College & Career Planning
  • SAT/ACT Registration

When are they open?

Mondays & Wednesdays

  • 9:00-1:00


  • 9:00-3:00

Go Center Website

Go Center Email

Schedule an Appointment

Scholarship Spotlight

$2,500 LimNexus Deadline: November 2nd

$500 Mark Jameson Allstate Scholar Athlete of the Month


Complete this Questionnaire

Suggested things to do before Christmas break

Apply Texas

Common Application


Suggested things to do before Christmas break


College Planning Checklist for Student-Athletes


College Readiness Website

SAT/ACT Waiver Request


FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will open October 1st

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Calling all Elk Strutter Alumni! This year the Elk Strutters are celebrating their 40th anniversary. We are hosting several events throughout the year and would love for everyone to join. Please see the below document for more information:

Elk Strutter 40th Anniversary Celebration Information

Student Support Counselor Corner

School Supplies and other needs

As the new school year starts off, I wanted to let you know we can help with certain needs, such as: school supplies, hygiene products and food if needed. Please have your student stop by their House office for more information or you can contact me directly at dbrown@bisdmail.net.


David Brown, M.A., LPC

BISD Student Support Counselor

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