The Newest innovation in writing...

The Fountain Pen (Written by: Savannah Vitt)

"None of us have as many virtues as the fountain pen, or half its cussedness; but we can try" (Mark Twain)

Are you tired of carrying around a whole kit in order to use your pen?

Well, worry no more. The newest writing innovation is here. The Fountain Pen. Small,sleek, modern, timeless, easy to use and great for travel. Here is the ideal pen for your everyday use. This pen is perfect for people such as salesmen, much like the man himself who invented it. Lewis Edson Waterman, a salesmen from New York, needed a practical pen that wasn't cheap and caused blotting, so he decided to create his own. After much hard work, he eventually perfected his design, creating a new innovation in writing.

"My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out forms on a plane" (Graham Greene)

This pen is so simple anyone can use it! To get ink released, just press down the tip (the nib) and ink from the ink tube will be released from the reservoir! These pens evenly release the ink, so fear no more of blotted ink!

They come in many designs and qualities...

You have plenty of great choices of pens!

Don't stay in the stone ages, get a fountain pen now to have the newest innovation in writing!

why use things such as a jar of ink and a quill when you can use the easiest and most modern writing utensil out there! The fountain pen is much easier for travel, can be stored in a pocket (in it's appropriate case) and can be used anywhere, unlike the primitive quill pens.
Although the fountain pen is very rarely used today, it led the way to modern designs such as the gel pen or the ball point pen. The fountain pen is pretty simple, it has a metal cover over the ink tube and a metal point on the end to distribute the ink. If the fountain pen was not created we might not have been able to make modern designs like the ball point pen, and we might still have more primitive writing tools. This type of pen has a ink tube in it, where all the ink is, and when you press down on the end, or the nib, the ink is released through the reservoir. This pen was invented in 1884, by Lewis Edson Waterman, a hard working man.

This pen improved writing at the time. Although primitive designs of the fountain pen had emerged a bit earlier, the proper fountain pen was the first real fountain pen. Instead of just blotting ink, the fountain pen controlled the ink release. This meant there was a pen that was easy to carry and it actually worked! Although it is rarely used by people today, it began the creation of pens such as ball-point or gel pens. Without the fountain pen, we might not have the pens we use daily.

I chose several persuasive techniques. I used the compare and contrast, when comparing it to the quill pen, testimonial, when I provided quotes from 2 well-known people as well as some repetition. Using these persuasive techniques greatly strengthened my argument on why you should buy a fountain pen, ad it helped the rest flow better.