Reading, LA, SS Updates

October 3 - 7, 2016

5th Grade Reading

Wow! Last week was quite the week. Our first CCA proved to be very challenging for our students. Remember that we'll be working on reteaching and allowing students to correct mistakes on the CCA during small group time this week. In addition, we will administer last year's CCA #1 on Friday, October 7th so that we can compare apples to apples to get a baseline for where we are so far this year. We'll dig more into data on Thursday during our PLC.

A few reminders about our Reading Homeruns:

Reading Closely; Notice & Note - Contrasts and Contradictions

Vocabulary Development: 5.2C (produce analogies with known synonyms and antonyms)

Small Group: well-planned, every day, documented - This week you'll be doing lots of reteaching to help students learn from their mistakes on the CCA.

5th Grade Language Arts

Can you believe that the first marking period is almost over! In fact, it ends on October 14th. Remember that your students should be working toward completing an expository essay. This piece of writing should be taken all the way through the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing). Also keep in mind you'll want to create some sort of portfolio to keep student writing throughout the year. This can either be electronic or paper-based. It's always nice for students (and teachers) to see the progress they've made throughout the school year in regards to writing!

5th Grade Social Studies

Unit 1: Exploration & Colonization is in the books! You should have administered the unit 1 assessment last Friday, September 30th. If you need to, you can take time today to go over the test with students, allowing them time to check back in their notes to make corrections on the test if needed.

The next unit of study is The American Revolution. You can access the pacing guide here (see the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to navigate between units). This has been reformulated from the district curriculum documents to (hopefully) help you pace yourself during this Social Studies unit. I will have the unit 2 assessment for you to preview at Wednesday Planning on October 5, 2016.

Have you been checking the Schoology pages for 5th Grade Social Studies and for YB 5th Grade Reading/LA/SS? New resources have been uploaded to these groups that will be helpful for you! You'll especially want to pay close attention to the election materials!

We'll take a closer look at unit 2 and these Schoology resources at Wednesday Planning this week.


I will begin 5th grade GT screening on Thursday, October 6th. Be watching your email for a detailed list of students and times for screening to begin.

So funny....

Q: Why did the orange suddenly stop rolling down the hill?

A; It ran out of juice!