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August 28, 1923 $0.02

Gatsby found dead

Two bodies were found dead on Monday morning after a shooting at

West Egg. Authorities identified the bodies of Jay Gatsby and George Wilson. Gatsby was found dead floating in his pool. Gatsby has been accused of Myrtle

Wilson death and of been Myrtle's affair. It has been concluded that that's the reason why George Wilson made an act of homicide/suicidal. The examiner at

the scene of murder and suicide has said Gatsby was shot on his left

upper chest. Witness, Michaelis has said he saw the hit-and-run accident and accuses Gatsby of the incident.

U.S. has Voted Dry

Ratification of the 18th Amendment

Prohibition in the U.S. has been designed to reduce drinking by dismissing the businesses that manufactured liquor. The authorization of the 18th amendment banded the transport and sale of liquor products. There has been an extremely increase of illegal production and sale of liquor (bootleggers). Prohibition is a big issue and is suppose to lower crimes, reduce social problems and improve health and hygiene in America.
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American women's have changed

Today's women have became "flappers", a women that behaves and dresses in an unusual manner. Women have started to wear clothes more appropriate and stopped wearing long skirts and corsets and have started drinking and smoking. Based on the 19th Amendment now women have the right to vote . It has also made them speak up for themselves . The number of women working today has increased by 25 percent. Now women have taken over the men's job. Working in highly dangerous industries,farms,engineers.

The Cotton Club

Saturday, Aug. 30th 1924 at 10pm to Friday, May 20th, 12am

West 142nd Street

New York, NY

Come out on August, 22 to celebrate our 1 year anniversary we will be featuring dancers, singers, comedians, and more variety of acts. This night is a night to never be forgetten
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