A film review

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The Hunger Games is romance, action, adventure, science fiction and drama. The Hunger Games is a TV program where some districts fight and only one wins the games. Two participants, Peeta and Katniss, fall in love, one has to die but both survive and win the games.

The main characters are Katniss and Peeta. Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss and Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta. The director is Gary Ross. There is music, in the film, the music is "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift.

The story was interesting. There were a lot of great special effects: fires, monsters and weapons. The actors were excellent and the the costumes are extravagant. The music was really good, but some songs were boring. The ending was surprising and great, we loved the ending. We recommend this film because was amazing!

New The Hunger Games Trailer Official 2012 [HD] - Jennifer Lawrence