Diary of Anne Frank

From Noah Wildman pd.1 Anne Frank

Having courage when faced by obstacles in the Diary of Anne Frank

The theme, having courage when faced with obstacles in the Diary of Anne Frank. Miep’s helping them have good knowledge about what’s happening outside of them. Adding Dussel just made it tighter in the small house, he would always complain about Anne’s nightmares. All of them hiding up there would just make them more frustrated then Mr. Frank said, ”Have we lost all faith? All courage? We were sure that it was the end. We’re alive, safe” (408). They were all scared and helpless that they would catch them or kill them. Then Mr. Frank gives them hope, and courage to move on from the past. Another example of courage was Mr. Kraler sacrificing his safety to help them. Mrs. Frank says it best when she says, “They’re our lifeline. Without them we couldn’t live” (391). Without Mr. Kraler having courage they wouldn’t survive because they wouldn’t have food and water. Another example of courage was when Anne gave up everything that she had without throwing a fit. She didn’t know where she was going when they were going into the annex. Anne wrote in her diary, “I had to turn in my bike, I couldn’t go to a Dutch school any more. I couldn’t ride in an automobile anymore and we had to have a yellow star on our jacket. But somehow we children still managed to have fun” (372). Anne had no problem with that and she just moved on from the past and was looking forward to the new.

Having hope when Anne's family goes into hiding from Hitler

The theme, having hope when Anne’s family goes into hiding from Hitler in the Diary of Anne Frank. They were all getting inpatient for being in the small house for 2 years and nothing physical to do. On New Year’s Day Miep brought them a cake. Mrs. Van Dann looking at the cake said, “Peace in 1944!”Miep replied, “Well, it has to come sometime, you know” (413). Then they all start eating the wonderful cake and enjoy them self’s. This shows an example of their hope for the war to end, so they can go back to their normal lifes. Another example of hope was when the green police go by their house hoping that they won’t stop and catch them hiding from Hitler. It states, “Mr. Frank went to the other room and looked out the window, they stop, we were all relieved”(376). This shows hope by them trying to stay alive and not get caught and to not look suspicions. They all had hope because they wouldn’t have the diary and the details in Annex.

A Diary represent Anne Frank because she loves to write.

A Diary represents Anne because that’s all she did for 2 years just write in it. We wouldn’t have the story of Anne Frank if it we didn’t have Anne’s diary. All of us learned so much from Anne’s diary because Anne put so much time into it. Anne wanted to be a journalist when she was older but she didn’t get that dream because she was killed at a concentration camp. Anne’s voice, “So, dear Diary, that means I must leave you behind. Goodbye for a while. P.S. Please, please, Miep, or Mr. Kraler, or anyone else. If you should find this diary, will you please keep it safe for me, because someday I hope…” (433). This shows that writing is very important to Anne. Anne and her family made the diary made the diary become true because of all the little stories.


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