Passing of Obama Care

Is it really helping American citizens?

What is Obama Care? Why was it created?

Also known as the Affordable Care Act, it's mainly used for Health Care or Health insurance in the U.S. It's suppose to reform the Health care and Insurance industries in America. It's also suppose to make health care or insurance more available, increase it's quality, and make it more affordable for the people.

When did the Act begin?

It was signed into law on March 23 of 2010 by Obama.

What other medias covered this?

  • Fox News
  • The New York Times
  • Breitbart
  • KQED
  • Mediaite
  • The New Republic
  • The Washington Post
  • Accuracy in Media
  • Media Matters of America

Most of these medias only covered the bad things about Obama care. Mostly about all the lawsuits from companies like Hobby Lobby and other lawsuits like the King v. Burwell case. Most of them also question if Obama care is helping the citizens of America.

Is Obama care really helping us?

More people have health insurance now than there ever was. It improved the health care outcome for every but not really for the younger generations. It's doing what Obama wanted which was to reduce the number of people who doesn't have health insurance but its not affordable to everyone.

Bias News Reoprts and media protrayals

  • New York Times viewed it with a story selection type of Bias. They only targeted how affordable and unaffordable Obama care is and also how it's overhauled.
  • Meanwhile Fox News covers from what it seems like all the "bad" about Obama care and how the people don't like it. I notice they used the placement Bias because it was back to back to back to back of nothing but negativity over the Affordable act.
  • NBCNews targeted the debate the 16 million challenge Obama care and the Republicans are facing.

Critical perspectives

There is 2 perspectives a person can look at this as and that's cultural perspective and Marxist criticism.

Cultural is a good way to view it because many of the people believe we shouldn't be forced to have something you don't want like health insurance. Some also believe that its considered "Unconstitutional" because it became a law and the punishment for not obeying that lay is a fine of around $250 to $300 a year.

Marxist criticism is another way to view it because a lot of people view it as an act of going more communist than democratic while the others who are with the act call it a "single-player" system which is the government is in control; communism.


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