Advertisement Analysis

By. Steven Fletcher


The message is to get guys to buy old spice, and make there ladies happy by being a man and using old spice. Slogan is being used because it uses the whistle at the end to keep it in your head. The target audience is men and women because it tells women to get there man old spice. The intended effect is to get women to get there husbands old spice. It is an effective ad because it's funny and stays in your head and it can be appealing to everyone.


The message shows Pepsi vs. Coke, and the ad is on cokes side and is trying to make you drink coke over Pepsi. The technique being used is name calling because they call Pepsi weak and say coke is the big dog. The target audience is teens coming out of school because it has a lot of things in it that are in school. The intended effect of the ad is to make you drink coke over Pepsi and coke is better. Yes it is effective because it makes people want to drink a coke.


The message is to be funny and still make people want to get the product. Because it still talks about how people want it. Humor is being used because it makes you laugh, it's meant to be funny. The target audience is everyone because it can be something everyone can watch and something all ages can have. The intended effect is to get people to get Doritos because they are so good they are worth fighting for. Yes it is effective because it grabs people's attention by not being serious and being appealing to the customers.


The message is that you can be yourself and in the commercial it shows that by having many different people doing there own thing and being themselves. It is using individuality by using all sorts of different people and introducing them in their own way. The target audience is everyone because it's wanting you to express yourself, not just certain people but everyone but it's still trying to sell you you something. So it wants you to just be different from everyone else. It is sort of effective because it makes you want to be different than everyone else but you don't really get the whole affect of what the commercial is really about until the end.

Plain Folks

The message is kind of showing that if you have this product you can capture all the great highlights in your life, and it shows it through all the good times lebron has with his family. It's plain folks because it's more or less a simple product. The target audience is families or anyone who travels. It shows that by capturing a lot of fun parts of an ordinary life. The intended effect is to make people buy samsungs so they can remember all the good moments they are apart of. It's effective for those who take a lot of pictures and see it appealing.


The message is that if you use axe you can get girls. It shows it by having the lifeguard who uses axe save a girl and the girl gives him "the look." It is using rewards because it states that if you use axe girls will be all over you. The target audience is men of all ages because it aims for them to want to get girls, and if they are struggling axe will help. The intended effect is for men to buy this product and be able to get women just because they use axe. It is an effective commercial because it's persuasive to those who are wanting to smell better and make women be on them.


The message is for you to get iPhones because they will be apart of your everyday life because it shows people who do everything and it helps them get through it. The persuasive technique being used is bandwagon because it makes them look really. The target audience is teens because it wants to show what some teens usually do so it is pealing to them. It's effect is for you to compare it to your everyday life and it's effective because it gets to teens who are looking for a phone.
Apple iPhone 5 - TV Ad - Music Every Day Commercial

Celebrity endorsement

The commercial uses someone famous and famous names in order for you to be able to connect with the product. It uses celebrity endorsement in order for everyone to connect with the product. Especially if a lot of people like that celebrity. The intended effect is to get everyone to recognize the celebrity and think we'll since he has it it must be good. The ad can work because they use a good celebrity in order for people to connect.

Product comparison

Windows shows that there product is better than an iPad because it can do more. It uses product comparison by Put the two next to each other and showing which is better. It shows the differences between the two products to show that windows is better. The commercial works because it makes the windows look better than the iPad.


The ad shows


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