Massachusetts Government Act-1774

By: Diani Brown-Cason & Makala McClure

Date of the Act

May 20, 1774

Detailed Explanation

The Massachusetts Government Act was passed by the Parliament of Great Britain. Was designed to punish the citizens of Boston, Massachusetts for the incident that would become known as the Boston Tea Party.

Background Info

The events that led up to the passing of the Intolerable Acts , including the Massachusetts Government Act, were primarily the:

  • The Boston Massacre which occurred on March 5, 1770.
  • The Tea Tax of 1773
  • The Boston Tea Party that occurred on December 16, 1773

Affected areas

Most of the people that were affected by the Mass. Act was the people of Massachusetts

Colonists response to the cause.....

The colonists thought it was a violation of their constitutional rights, natural rights and their colonial charter. They were also upset because it abolished colonial laws and suspended trade and legislatures.

Negative relationship of the Act between Great Britain and the colonists....

Gave power to Great Britain to set rules for the colonists to follow. Saying that Great Britain is the boss and the colonists are to rule them.