How Does A Tornado Form?

Do you know how a tornado forms? If not find out here!

Tornado Time!

After a very strong thunderstorm called a super cell two very strong winds come from the opposite directions, and they form a horizontal spinning motion. After that something called a updraft occurs and turns the sideways spinning motion into a upwards spinning direction . And when both of those winds reach the ground it is a tornado. Then when the tornado starts the destruction Begins. And that is how a tornado forms.


After a tornado occurs lots of things have been destroyed. Ecosystems, homes, buildings, and habitats all get destroyed after a tornado. It take lots of money and resources for a town or city to recover after a tornado. some tornadoes can cause minimal damage with nothing destroyed, but some tornadoes can destroy cities and towns. Also while a tornado happens you want to be very safe. You need to find protection so you don't get hurt. Places like a basement or attic is ideal for a tornado. Some tornadoes can even cause people to get hurt or sometimes they can be fatal. This is the damage or injuries a tornado can do.


Updraft=The upward movement of air

Super cell= Very strong Thunderstorm

Ecosystem= A group of living things in one area