Avan the Artist

by: Esmeralda G.


There was an

Artist with long curly hair,

woke up every morning to a cup of coffee and a pear.

He would make his way to his room, where he kept all his art materials,

Packed everything in his leather bag, and got his skateboard that needed new wheels.

He specialized in painting people of all types and sorts,

He always had a smile on his face, and was a really good sport.

His influence came from the busy brilliant city

Many wanted their portrait done, but it couldn’t be done all the time, it left him feeling guilty.

He was diligent though never wasting time,

Rest would come during lunch and bedtime.

At noon as the sun began to settle down, work was not over

He rode over to a rich neighbourhood and planted flowers with a sweet odor.

Ladies with the expensive clothing brands, and fancy cars cringed at him

They knew he was uneducated and thought his chances of being famous very slim.

He didn’t mind though, what they didn’t know wouldn’t kill them.

He had got offered a job at a well paying art studio, the employer’s saw him as a gem.

He worked hard as always keeping the charming attitude

Even on bad days he still managed not to let anyone ruin his mood.

Most people admired him but he didn’t consider himself anything special

Being humble was his way of life it made things less stressful.


Since a young child Avan had a passion for drawing and painting. His interest mostly focused on drawing people though. He would fill up the walls with portraits of his family, they weren’t that good back then. He had his mom, dad, grandmother cousin etc. all drawn on the walls and papers everywhere. He would get frustrated at times though because his mother would only let him use chalk since since it was easy to wash of everything, but his desire had always been to use paint. Being the only child he listened, well knowing not to rebel. Now as a teenage boy he had developed his special talents in drawing, making people look as realistic as they could be. His mother who used to make lot’s of crafts had a special closet full of all art materials including lots of paint bottles she never used, she would give them away to her son. When Avan received the brand new paint he was more than thrilled, he always was in need of new paint anyways. Ever since he moved out of his home things were a bit harder economically but he always made it through, he enjoyed pushing himself and being a hard worker. Also living in a big city was an advantage, there were lot’s of opportunities for him to do things and get jobs. Avan never decided to continue an education after high school, not because he didn’t like it but he had different goals. He wanted to go to an art school near him but the tuition was a lot. With support from his closest family and friends they supported him with his tough decision of not going. As strange as it sounded he reached his goal in life of doing what he wanted being happy. He already was talented in drawing so he bought a studio with money he had saved up and money family and friends donated to him. He still couldn’t get over the fact how generous they were to do that, he made sure to help them as much as he could with anything they needed. Also with the money he made now, he always made sure to give back to his family, and friends treating them out to dinner and nice gifts. Being well known throughout the city he had got offered a great opportunity to work in a local art studio that was well known, they employer saw him as the greatest because of his special talent and the charming attitude Avan always had. Avan’s routine now had completely changed. He no longer would be going to the wealthy neighbourhood where he planted flowers in the local entrance sign. He didn’t mind though, he only did it because a good friend of him lived there and asked if he would want to do it for some extra money. Avan never had fun there though he would usually get frowned on upon wealthy ladies who thought he was a nobody. He didn’t take it to the heart though, he realized they were just ignorant. His other old ways consisted of waking up every morning and going to the local park every day in busy city and painting people. There were all types of sorts and he enjoyed painting them he would take great snapshots of them and then do the painting. Most people payed him even though he never really asked for the money. He enjoyed his job, and he would miss it. He realized it did get stressful sometimes because he would get so many requests. He worked diligently and tried to please all the requests but sometimes it couldn’t be done, this always left him feeling guilty. He was ready for this change though and knew it would lead to even greater things in his life.


I chose an artist because they are not appreciated as much as they should be in today’s society. Most people don’t value their work if it’s not to their liking, and that’s not what all art should be about. Most people would consider art as a hobby, rather than an actual career. Most people say that because they don’t know about the variety of job opportunities an artist can have. Majority of the time, a person considering to go into art, there’s at least going to be one person trying to change their mind to get a more practical job. They’ll want them to go for the jobs society has drilled into people’s head that that’s where they need to work to get lots of money. This would be like being a nurse, dentist, lawyer, etc. Without an artist doing each of their jobs the world would be a dark, dull place. Artist’s just don’t specialise in one thing there are many different kinds of art to be made. They can either be a painters, graphic designers, pottery makers, drawers, etc. It all varies to what interests they have. And as for any job, I don’t think anyone starts as a professional with a high pay. It takes time you have to get well known and do your job wel to try and be promoted. This is the same way with an artist they’re not all going to be born a picasso, and it takes practices to achieve success. If considering to be a artist for a living it’s ther jobs to put themselves out, and try to get involved with as much art stuff they can. This is also just doesn’t apply to an artist but to anyone going into a career others might not agree with. Whoever disencourages you, it’s not them who are going to be dong your work anyways. It’s not always about the moeny. From the way I see things I would rather have a job I’m doing ok with and happy, rather than getting stuck in a job you hate.