Help the Arts!

By:Alexis Fritsche

The crowd leaned forward as she sang the last note; then the crowd roared wildly. But, where would she be without singing lessons?
In a video called "Selena Gomez speaks about training her voice with Ron Anderson", Selena Gomez says this about Ron Anderson ( her vocal coach ) , "...He makes my voice richer and the second record I've done is a complete change from my first record. You can really tell vocally, because he's really allowed me to change my voice and go different places with my voice...I'm very very appreciative..." ( on YouTube-channel-VOIXTEX ) This just shows how famous singers use vocal coaches to succeed.
Selena Gomez speaks about training her voice with Ron Anderson
Just think, should only rich people get to be famous singers? What about the poor people who can't afford lessons? This is a problem! They should get a chance at fame. They can have talent and they can want it ; but they just don't have the money. Is that fair? I say, no!
In Singing-A Practical Guide to Pursuing the Art, By Rebecca Love Fishkin ; They say, " Music education is important...To become a professional singer, however, you need to take that education out of the classroom and use it on the stage...Private singing Instructors...Though Expensive can be very helpful..."
However there's a solution! In 2013, in the Arizona Daily Star they had an article about a program called Ben's Bells were they set up a problem with volunteers! This program was setup to help students who couldn't afford voice and other voice lessons get them for free!

Here's a quote from the article, "My daughter, Maria, is a recipient of violin lessons," McArthur wrote. " We are truly grateful for this opportunity and for Shelby's organizational efforts, vision, and the way shes been able to recruit teachers who are also willing to serve."

I am a student at Apollo Jr. High School and my school has already taken one step by paying for part of the cost but it's still too expensive!! Instead of $100 for a day(rediculous) it's now $100 a month(4 lessons). They should make it cheaper to help enhance students learning experiences.
So, there is a way to solve this problem! Vollunteers! Schools can pay! Now, Im only one voice but you can help me solve this problem by filling out the following survey. Make your voice heard, and help make voice lessons either cheaper or free!


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