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Upcoming - 100th Day of School

We are planning to celebrate our 100th day of school on Tuesday, February 2nd (weather pending, of course).

We are encouraging students to either dress up like they are 100 years old or make a shirt with 100 things on it. This will help us visualize what 100 objects look like. Some ideas to use as decorations are stickers, googly eyes, fabric paint, cotton balls, buttons, pom-poms, stamps, foam decorative pieces, tallies, etc. (The lighter-weight the item, the easier it is to glue, stick, or attach 100 things to the shirt.)

Have fun creating any shirt that you would like with 100 items on it. If possible, please have your child wear their shirt on FEBRUARY 2nd or dress up as 100 years old as we celebrate the 100th day of school!


Heads-Up: No School on Monday, February 15th

Help Us Win a Healthy Playground Makeover

Starry Elementary has been entered into the Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes! We can enter once a day every day until the sweepstakes close on March 25, 2016. Let's do this! ‪#‎starryshines‬

Food, Fitness, and FAST

We have been and continue to test our students for their winter benchmark assessments; we hope to conclude testing, soon!

Starry's Wellness Challenge

After one-week, students in our school have:

  • Ate 197 servings of fruit
  • Ate 160 servings of vegetables
  • Exercised for 9,401 minutes (which equals over 156 hours!)
  • Traveled 61.3 miles

Starry's Circle of Friends

Check-out our awesome new bulletin board mural that is outside our cafeteria featuring illustrations and/or writing examples from our students that demonstrate how to be a good friend.

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The Marion Way - Golden Plate

Each day, in the lunchroom, the class that does the best job of exhibiting the Marion Way - being respectful, responsible, and honest - earns the Golden Plate!
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Colder Weather

With cold weather and snow in the forecast, please make sure your child has appropriate clothing to go outside! This includes a coat, gloves, hat, snow pants, and boots. Layers are good, too.

Marion Spirit Day

Thanks to our awesome Parent Group, ALL of our students are receiving this awesome 'Follow the Marion Way' tee-shirt (pictured, above).

Therefore, we are declaring every Tuesday to be Marion Spirit Day - staff and students are encouraged (if they choose) to wear Marion, Starry, and/or red and gold clothing.

#TCT - Think College Thursdays!

Show your school spirit and help promote post-secondary education in our building by wearing clothing that supports your favorite college.

We believe that college and career readiness begins in elementary school. Therefore, we are encouraging everyone to wear their college shirt/sweatshirt or college color every Thursday.

Check-out our awesome bulletin board outside of our cafeteria that has minions from all staff and students stating the different reasons why we are thankful for our school.


Mr. Ewald would like you to join Parents!

To receive messages via text, text @starryelep to 81010

Learn more about Remind

I plan to use Remind as an efficient communication tool to share short messages that pertain to all of the parents at Starry.

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Starry's Superheroes

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