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computers for the pros

What Computers are the Best Investment.

  • The best computers to start with are "macs" they work well and don't have many programs but enough to teach the noobs how to work a computer.
  • Dells are the moderate computers they have an all around good hard drive with about 800gbs the programs aren't the best but can withstand a lot of downloads these are for the journeyman techies.
  • The best computer (opinion) is either Alien Ware or a computer designed on your own. Alien Ware has a great hard drive with a 24 hour battery and is revered as the best gaming computer of all time. If you are planning on making your own computer it's pretty obvious that you would use the best utilities that would make it fast. These are for the extreme techies and for pro gamers.

Each has its own things that make the next worse than the last. The links tell you everything. All in all they cost from $25 a month to $2500 life time service. I use Norton it's 3rd on the list this has good qualities and only costs about $50 a month for medium service.

Best Computer Games of All Time

  1. Aion Ascension: This is a free MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) This game lets you play as different forces (Mage, Warrior, ect) and gain levels to beat bosses.
  2. WOW (World of Warcraft):This game is like Aion but with a worse campaign. But this is not free.
  3. DC Universe Online: This game is about the DC universe and you becoming a superhero or super villain and either destroy the heroes or save the city. This is also an MMO but not free
  4. Knights of the old republic:This is a Star Wars game that you can choose to be good or bad and you go through the campaign to be either a Jedi master or a Sith master. This is not free and is also an MMO
  5. DayZ:This is a write-off of Arma with a zombie spinoff you go around trying to find guns and food to survive and finally get to the base of operations and win. This is not free and is a multiplayer game but not massively.