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We're Electronic!

We’re excited to share that with this issue of the TorchLight, we are going electronic! No more mailing out the newsletter, you can get the TorchLight on your computer or cell phone. This will give us the chance to share information faster and more economically. You can opt out at any time.

Our goal is to provide content that you want to know about so feel free to email us ( with suggestions. Make sure to type ‘TorchLight’ in the subject line and we’ll do our best to feature your request in an upcoming issue.

What's been going on...

Message from CEO, Roy Cherry

There have been lots of changes here at the Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio. One of the biggest changes came when the 14 individuals that resided in our two ICF/IDD homes, Barbara Jean McDonough Home and Jean Scott Furney Home, moved out into smaller settings where 3 to 4 individuals are roommates and rent property from a landlord. Being in the smaller settings are allowing the individuals to be out more and be involved with more activities. In addition, all the new homes they moved to are one story homes, where both ICF/IDD homes were two stories and as the residents continued to age, the stairs were becoming a problem and a safety hazard.

With all of the residents in the ICF/IDD moved out, we have officially closed our ICF/IDD program and we have sold both homes. This was a decision that was decided on by the Board of Directors and CEO of the Epilepsy Center during the 2016 Board Retreat. In the ever changing environment of serving people with developmental disabilities, it is important to be flexible and to be able roll with the changes.

Another major project coming up for the Epilepsy Center is providing Adult Day Services in Perrysburg, Ohio, with a strong focus on employment for people with developmental disabilities. The beginning stages of this new venture will begin after July 1, 2018, our next fiscal year.

So stay tuned for more updates on what the Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio is doing to achieve the mission to improve the lives of people affected by epilepsy and those with developmental disabilities.

Upcoming Events

Carpe Diem Epilepsy Walk 2018

Well, we did it! After many years of being asked about doing a walk, we finally had enough interest and teamwork to pull it off. It was such a success, we had over 340 people attend. We can only imagine what next year will bring. For more photos, please go to our Facebook page. Already planning for next year, the Walk will be held the first Sunday in November to kick of Epilepsy Awareness Month. If you're interested in walking and/or helping us with the Walk, please contact Betty, or 419-867-5950 x206

2018 Holiday Party

Another great event with lots of people having fun. We were even seeing double Santas! For more photos, go to our Facebook page.

Facebook group for parents (any age) of children (any age) who have epilepsy

If you are a parent of a child with epilepsy, please consider joining our group as a resource for information, support and guidance. Whether your child is young or an adult, this group is for you. Many of the parents in this group have faced what you are facing. Some are just as new to this issue as you. All need understanding and a place to get the support that a physician's office many not be equipped to provide.

Regardless of how long your child has had epilepsy, things do change and you may find that sharing your journey is a comfort to someone else. There is no obligation and the group is private and monitored. You can leave at any time. We are also going to attempt a conference call option so that members who can't make it to the location can still attend from home, work, their car (not while driving!) or anywhere they can access cell service or the internet. Please stay tuned for more information.

To join our group, look for the photo (shown in the middle below) when searching Parents of Children with Epilepsy. There is a brief qualifying questionnaire to make sure we aren't scammed. Looking forward to having you on the team!

Scholarship Opportunity

We are so excited to share that, in conjunction with our Foundation, we will be offering our scholarship again. This opportunity is for one student, at large, to get up to $2,500 towards their education. This is an annual offering and does require a rigorous application process. Last year's recipient, Stephanie Ravas, was most deservedly chosen.

The deadline for submissions we be May 15, 2019, so watch for entry information and be sure to share this with anyone you may know who has epilepsy and has triumphed over the struggles it can bring.
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