5th Grade News!

For the Week of November 17-21

Enjoy the cold weather and stay warm this weekend!

Learning Objectives


  • Examining characters and summarizing folktales (including myths, fables, fairy tales, and legends)

Language Arts

  • Writing a historical narrative: researching, choosing characters, and planning

**Grammar quiz on Friday - Dialogue (study and review in class)**


  • Using division to solve problems (multi-digit)

**Division assessment on Friday, November 21**


  • Exploring changes to the earth's surface, including weathering and erosion

**Weather, erosion, and fossil quiz on Friday, November 21**

Social Studies

  • Identifying powers given to national and state governments
  • Exploring importance of US symbols


Math - Math Homework Packet (data) - Due Friday, November 21

Also, practice your math facts daily.

Reading - One menu item due Friday, November 21

Information and News

Book Fair

Our Scholastic book fair is going on during the week of November 17-21. Each class will be able to go to the library during a scheduled time for shopping and purchasing. All of our students were able to preview the book fair today (Friday, November 14) and make a Wish List.

The book fair will be open Tuesday night from 5:30-8:00 and daily from 8:00-5:00.

Word Watchers

The word of the week is photograph. Ask your child to use this in a sentence and look for examples of use in everyday conversation.


If you purchased Packpons, here are the dates for the remainder of the PackPon days. Your teachers have a list of all the students who bought them at the beginning of the year. You may still purchase packpons - bring $5 to school! :)

Board Games – 11/21

Extra Recess - 11/24
Hat Day – 12/5
Sunglasses – 12/16

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