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Great Sherston titles now available on the App Store

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Sherston have released some all-time favourite software titles on the App Store, with more titles coming soon!

Sing Your Times Tables with Percy Parker

Ages 7-11. Children join in with the charismatic Percy Parker and his band as they sing entertaining, memorable songs about each times table. Click here to go to App Store.

Charlie Chimp's Puzzles

Ages 5-11. This is traditional style puzzle is brought bang up to date for the iPhone and helps develop problem solving skills and spatial awareness. Click here to go to App Store. Please note that Charlie Chimp's Puzzles offers a limited number of in-app purchases. Please ensure that your device is properly configured to prevent children making accidental purchases. Click here for a video tutorial on how to disable in-app purchases on iOS.

Young MacDonald's Farm

Ages 3-5. Your children will soon be brushing up their visual and auditory skills as they engage with wonderful characters such as Minty the sheep. Click here to go to App Store.

Counting Monkeys Ducks and Frogs

Ages 3-5. Children will learn to count up to five, practice one to one correspondence, develop their motor skills, recall sequences of animals and much more! Click here to go to App Store.

Dress Bo Bear

Ages 3-5. Activities include matching different coloured socks and putting on Bo’s clothes in the correct order. It’s great fun but educational too, as children develop sequencing and ordering skills. Click here to go to App Store.