Darkness Everywhere

By: Alexander Marzouka

Book Review

Mohandas Gandhi was known around the world for being peaceful and caring, but sadly he was murdered in cold blood. Matt Doeden's book, Darkness Everywhere, is about the life of Mohandas Gandhi, how he became one of the most important people on earth, and what Gandhi worked hard to fight for. This book takes place from 1869 to 1948 in India. Darkness Everywhere includes many footnotes about his intelligence and curiosity at a young age, his willingness to help his family, his fearlessness, and many other characteristics about him. The statement "There is darkness everywhere" made me sad because it expresses how people felt when he died. The book has a lot of important information in it and is well written. I would like to tell the author that Gandhi would be proud of him with how precise and descriptive he is with his words. I like this book.

I can relate to Gandhi because we both have determination, confidence, and curiosity. I can relate to Gandhi from my past experiences like when I had my first science project in the 8th grade. I was really nervous, but I soon learned to be confident and determined; I won first place in the science fair. I can also relate to him because I participated in a bike parade just like when he did the salt march. One time I had to step up for someone who was being bullied in school and I decided to tell the teacher to show the student that I cared. Gandhi has also stood up for people. I recommend this book to people who need motivation, people who want to be like Gandhi, and people who want to learn about Gandhi.

Mohandas Gandhi's Character

Gandhi was a hero to religious people by speaking for them and also caring for then and he soon became on of the most famous people for caring for not only his kind but also for people all around the planet. Gandhi was one of the most important people in history and became famous for his kind and generous deeds.

Gandhi's Deeds

Gandhi always used to ask his family if they ever needed help and he would help them no matter what the chore was. Gandhi didn't just start doing these deeds at his old age; he started doing this ever since he was 4 years old. Mohandas Gandhi was one of the most caring people in the world for caring for others and soon before you know it he became very well known to not just religious people but all people in the planet. Gandhi was like god's angle because he was such a caring person for not just his self but also for others as well.
Mahatma Gandhi First Television Interview (30 April 1931)

Autobiography by Matt Doeden

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