the tumbling sport

Rules in Gymnastics

In gymnastics on the floor you can not pass the red line because if you do you get points off of your score and thats bad. The most rule is you want to stick it not fall down stick it.

What do you need

You need chalk so you don’t have blisters all over your hand and you need your hair up in a bun so it is not in your face when you are flying and tumbling you also need a leotards and you need grips on the bars you always need water.


The vault you have to be really powerful on it.The vault is 125 cm the hight and 95 cm long.You have to run fast on the runway so you have power.the vault has a vaulting bored.The vault has a springs so you can jump up and get power.You have to have a runway because you won’t have any power to jump.The beam is 12 cm the hight and 5 m long.It is vary hard to balance on and if you fall of you will loss points of your score that would be bad


The small bar is 1.7 m hight and the tall bar is 2.5 m hight.You have to be balance you also move vary fast.The bars are uneven.You flow though the air.The floor your song can be up to 1 min and 30 sec and you can’t have lyrics in it.You can not go passed the red line if you do you get points of your score.

Kayle S.