District Newsletter

March 2022

Parent Portal

Did you know that the Parent Portal is a really useful tool for you to keep up with what's going on in your child's academic endeavors. It allows you to view their grades, absences and attendance, see assignments or upcoming exams, and receive notifications. If you have questions about Parent Portal you can contact your child's school and they will provide you with the information needed to be able to use Parent Portal. If you already have an account but need help knowing how to use Parent Portal click the link below for the user guide.

Parent Advisory Council

Each school will be having their PAC (Parent Advisory Council) meetings. In these meetings we will be sharing the results from the school and district Spring Survey. We will also be asking for input into the school policies. Everyone is invited to take part in the PAC meetings! We always value input from our families.

Thank you to those who took part in our Spring Survey!

What do we do with the Spring Survey results? We combine each schools results and use them to better our Title I program. Each schools results are combined into a report that we present to our Title I Director, Gina Haynes. Those results are then used in our CLIP (Consolidated LEA Improvement Plan)

District Advisory Council -DAC meeting

Speaking of needing your input. We will be having the District Advisory Council Meeting in April. It will be in a Google Meet format. We will discuss our district policy and ask for input and will review the district results of the spring survey. Your school PIC will be sending out invitations so keep an eye out for it. They will need you to RSVP so we can get you the code for the meeting. Everyone is welcome!

PIC me! PIC me!

This month I would like to recognize our Middle School PICS! Amy is new to the position but you would think she's been a PIC for years. She has really been working hard to help the parents and students at RMS. If you have a student at RMS I hope you received the packet full of information regarding your child's benchmark scores. She spent hours writing each student's scores onto the information sheet so that the parents would know more about their child's academic progress. She is doing wonders for RMS!

Stacey is the PIC at LMS. She continues to come up with creative ways to make a difference there. It was Stacey's idea to create the benchmark packets so that parents and students would know more about their academic progress. She also spends hours writing in each child's benchmark scores! She has put together family engagement activities such as STEAM night and Math breakout rooms to engage our families. She is a huge help to me and everyone around her!

Stacey and Amy work together to help our middle school family engagement programs be the best! If you want to be involved at the middle schools they would love to have you!

A district update from our Title I Director Gina Haynes

Coherent Instructional System: The major system of the district and school organization that articulates and guides the "what" and "how" of instruction.

It consists of 4 main structures:

  1. Planning for quality instruction-Plan and Determine how students show what they know and that they can do the skill.
  2. Delivering quality instruction-Guiding teachers in teaching content and providing feedback to improve their craft.
  3. Monitoring student progress-Review data and determine if students are mastering the content and if not then changing instruction to meet the needs of the students.
  4. Refining the instructional process-Examining how we can improve the processes we have in place.

Trends and Patterns

  • Continuously revising the RTI process
  • Providing a district common instructional Framework-essential standards, Common Assessments, and student learning targets.
  • The need to strengthen academic rigor
  • Provide ongoing Professional Learning for technology, Common Formative Assessments, and Professional Learning Communities
  • Continual updates with technological devices
  • Need to analyze data and examine professional practice to ensure the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns feel free to email Mrs. Haynes at Ghaynes@catoosa.k12.ga.us

District Family Engagement

District Family Engagement Coordinator Kristy Jablonski kjablonski@catoosa.k12.ga.us

District Family Engagement Coordinator Regina Bacon rbacon@catoosa.k12.ga.us

Title I Director GIna haynes ghaynes@catoosa.k12.ga.us