What are gears?

Gears are modified wheels that fit together to create movement. They are used to change the speed or direction of the movement.


The report will show your understanding of a gear system that we use in our daily lives.

In your Smore, you will include a written explanation of the purpose of your selected gear and how it works. Be sure to include images and videos to support your written explanation. Your report should also include important scientific terminology related to gears that w have learned about in class.

Gear and Wheels Part 1

Types of Gears

Gear Basics


Step 1 : Start by introducing gears - definition, pictures, examples.

Step 2 : Select a gear used in everyday life to do your Smore on.

Step 3 : Explain how the gear system works for the example you selected in about 2-3 paragraphs. Make sure you use the important terminology for your explanation e.g. force, mechanical advantage, rotation, gear ratio, direction, speed, gear train, compound gears, input, output, motion etc.

Step 4 : Include a diagram of your selected gear. You may draw a diagram and upload its picture. Label the parts of the gear.

Step 5 : Use pictures or videos in your project to support your written work and help the reader understand.

Step 6 : Refer to the success criteria and suggestions by teachers and peers.

Step 7 : Let me know if you prefer an alternative way of presenting your understanding of gears.


  • Includes titles with definitions.
  • Use of proper terminology to explain the working of the chosen gear system.
  • Use of correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Ideas are organized into clear and well written paragraphs (include topic sentence, details/explanation and closing sentence)
  • Use of pictures or videos to support the explanation.