Bippus Pharmaceutical Enterprises

Pharmaceutical Statistician For Hire

Bippus Pharmaceuticals has a new position open in the company. We are looking for an experienced statistician who has either a MSc (Master's degree of Science) or PhD (Doctorate) in Statistics. The job would be assisting in the process of developing new medicines and analyzing the resulting figures. You would work closely with doctors, scientists, marketing teams, and even the government. Social interaction is as eminent as lab research, so we are looking for team players as well as someone who will excel on their own. You will be responsible for relaying your findings to your coworkers and the ability to "break down" the information is a necessity.

What We Do

Our company is active in researching and developing drugs and medicines. We need Statisticians who have a strong interest in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

Salary and Benefits

Based on prior experience and education, yearly salary will be around $80,000. As an employee, you will be educated on the latest medical methods and be heavily involved with up-and-coming medicines. If you show enough promise in the company, many advance opportunities are available and even the possibility of traveling abroad.

Why Work for Bippus?

Our company is dedicated to providing the best products for our customers while fostering an efficient and energetic staff environment. As long as our employees are happy, we produce the best product we can. Apply today and take the next step towards joining our team!
If interested, please inquire more information at our website or come to our office at 123 Main Street, San Francisco, CA. Or give us a call at (818)-444-7654.