My Trip to Paris, France

By: Fabian Diaz


My destination is in France,Europe. Paris is the capital of France. I would like to go to Paris,France because of the artifacts in it and especially the Eiffel tower.
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10 Facts About Paris

  1. Paris is the capital of France
  2. Paris is the most visited place in the world
  3. The population is 2.221 Million
  4. The Government is Democracy
  5. There language is French
  6. There religion is mainly Christmas
  7. There money is Euro
  8. Some Major mountain ranges are the Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Central
  9. Paris has the Eiffel Tower
  10. Paris's area is 105.4 Square kilometers


It takes 9 Hours And 30 Minutes to get to Paris,France. Paris is 5,021 miles away from Houston. I'm going to travel by myself to get to Paris, France. To get to Paris is will travel by plane. I would probably stay for 1 week.


I'm going to stay in a hotel that is near the Eiffel tower. The place i'm going to stay in is a 4 star hotel with restaurant near Eiffel tower. Im going to have to pack clothes, shampoo,and any extra things I will need.
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A plane ticket to Paris from Houston TX $1886 with Air flights. The cost of the hotel is $2030 to stay in for a week. Im going to take $1000 in extra money to Paris. Gas in Paris is $5.54 . Im taking 50 dollars for food at the La Tour d'Argent.


I'm going to go on a city tour which costs $22. Then i'm going to visit the Eiffel tower which will be $36 I'm going to do a 2-day tour to Mont Saint Michel & Loire Valley Castles for $460.98


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