Bynagle Bulletin

September 15, 2014

Dates to Remember

September 15 - Band Starts

September 17 - Early Release

September 19 - Fall Pictures

September 2 -17 - PTO Fall Fundraiser

September 26 - Duct Tape Day


As you are well aware, our 5th grade classrooms are very full this year, so the district office has allocated West Homer Elementary an additional teacher to remedy the issue. We are thankful for the additional teacher.

In these first few weeks of school, teachers work hard to build classroom communities and relationships with individual students – this is part of the magic that great teachers do to create a vibrant learning environment for all students. We have heard from many parents who would like their children to remain in their current classroom. We have looked very hard to find a teacher who is the caliber of professional you have come to expect from our staff and who will complement our educational team. Additionally, we have worked to create a solution that will add value to your child’s educational experience at WHE, without separating them from the learning communities that they have fostered.

Our solutions is as follows:

Kellie Bolin will join our educational team. She is a highly qualified educator in the content area of general science at the middle school and high school level (7-12), and she has a strong background in mathematics education. Mrs. Bolin will team teach with Mrs. Cloud and Mrs. Bynagle. We plan to utilize three classrooms; however, in the next couple of weeks we will open the wall between two classrooms to create one large classroom in which we can offer grade level/large group lessons and then utilize the regular sized classroom for smaller group lessons, remediation and acceleration. We will combine both classes for portions of the day with all three teachers and we will break the whole group down into smaller groups to facilitate the needs of individual students. Grouping of students will be fluid to meet students’ needs. Students will remain in their current classroom assignments for PE, music and library classes. We will continually be assessing the success of this plan and make adjustments, modifications and/or changes accordingly.

What's Next

Next week we will begin our study of double-digit multiplication. Prime factors and exponents will be our math focus for the week. In writing we will begin our narrative unit. Students will be creating "seed stories" based off of the people and places that matter most to them. In reading, we will explore cause and effect relationships while we continue with Charlotte's Web.

Early Release

School ends at 1:45 this coming Wednesday, September 17th. Please make arrangements for your child's afterschool plans before sending them to school. Bus transportation will be available at the early relase time.

Child care will be provided at West Homer Elementary from the time school is released at 1:45 until 3:15. PLEASE read the Yellow Child Care form that is being sent home with your student today so that you may have more information reguarding this.