Jacksonville jaguars

Team info

Jacksonville jaguars



30.3369 n 81.6614 w

Southern region

Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida.jacksonville operates the largest urban park system.jacksonville is home to the US's oldest skate park.

Suwannee river,Everglades,lake okeechobee.

Mascot info


Jaguars are not connected to the reigon, when they created the team they had a contest,and fans picked the mascot.


The team was established in 1995

The founder of the team is Wayne weaver

The ownership group,touch down chose the location of the jaguars.Jacksonville.they the area,also they were from the area.

The mascot doesn't connect to the region because, the mascot was chosen by the people of Jacksonville.


Ever bank field

The stadium got its name after the approval of a five year naming rights deal the ever bank.

The stadium was originally called municipid stadium, then the attel stadium.

To help get recognition for the business,and because they have the money to purchase the naming rights.